Grant Watch: A New Fellowship for Social Practice Artists

by Whitney Kimball on September 5, 2013 Grant Watch

Laurie Jo Reynolds at the Tamms Year Ten picnic which she organized in 2009. Image courtesy of the Illinois Times

If you want to shut down a continuous solitary confinement prison like Laurie Jo Reynolds, or transform a neighborhood like Theaster Gates, or generate international outrage like Pussy Riot, AND you need $20,000 in unrestricted funds, then you’re in luck (for once). A Blade of Grass will select seven artists in a program tailored toward art-making and clear social change.

Throughout this fellowship, A Blade of Grass will be facilitating community evaluations and grantee interviews, as it has in the past. Ideally these will build up to broader conversations and public programming.

You need:

  • A website
  • A CV
  • A 500-word letter of interest outlining your proposal for a socially-engaged project, with art “as a catalyst for social change”
  • Projects must collaborate with non-artists
  • Projects must have local relevance
  • Projects must feature artists in leadership roles


  • Proposals for creating objects for display
  • Exhibition proposals
  • Proposals for personal studio development, unless social practice-related (although you may alot for living expenses if necessary)


December 2, 2013

Apply and read the full guidelines here:

A Blade of Grass

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