What the Shutdown Means for Art, in Tweets

by Whitney Kimball on October 1, 2013 Newswire

Is the government shut down? Yes.The dispute over whether Obamacare should be defunded has finally culminated. While the house will continue to pick up their checks, the national parks, federal historic sites (like fountains), and museums reliant on federal funding (like the Smithsonian) will close indefinitely. The NEA’s staff is furloughed and its website will not be updated until further notice. The Obamacare signup site is also currently down (at least for New York), but that’s due to the overwhelming number of visitors to the site. That should be up and running soon. Here are the tweets.

The National Zoo’s baby panda cam has gone dark.

The shutdown happens to be right in the middle of ArtPrize, meaning that the Gerald Ford Museum has to close during their busiest week of the year. They’re leaving doors open for the public to see the top ten finalists.

New York’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum was already close for renovations, but off-site programs will continue.

The Met will not shut down.

The San Diego Zoo panda cam is still live.

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