Black and White: Société Réaliste’s “Media Police” Font

by Corinna Kirsch on October 10, 2013 Color Wheel

Color Wheel is a new series in which we identify a trending color in art for the week and post a daily image that illustrates its popularity. In honor of PandaCam, this week’s color is black and white. Readers are invited to send us images they have on hand so long as they match the profiled colors and we’ll post the best ones we receive.

One of the more thoughtful exhibitions we’ve seen lately has to be Société Réaliste’s A Rough Guide to Hell at P! in the Lower East Side. We’re profiling that show in tomorrow’s “We Went to the Lower East Side.” As a preview, we’re highlighting Société Réaliste’s “Media Police” font, a conglomeration of various news media typefaces, which takes pride of place in the almost entirely black-and-white exhibition. You can download that font through the run of the exhibition; it closes on October 27th.

Since you can’t tell from the install view, here’s what the font looks like up close:



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