Today’s Pandacam Calendar: Panda Drawing and Shadow Puppets + Panda Aerobics

by Corinna Kirsch on October 10, 2013 PandaCam

Today at 2 PM, Collaboration House will perform a “real-time drawing with a shadow puppet panda” who will respond to tweets, and maybe do a little panda dance. We don’t know what that means, exactly, but we’ll all find out soon enough.

Then, by popular demand, we’re bringing back panda aerobics! Tune into the Art F City Pandacam today at 4:30 PM to watch our pandas let off some steam. After a long day of intense blogging, nothing feels better than flexing some biceps, loosening up those glutes, and wiggling about to an 80s synth pop beat.

You, too, can be a panda exercise enthusiast. Just drop by 319 Scholes in some black-and-white workout gear, and we’ll turn you into some kind of a panda. Jane Fonda, that includes you.

In case you missed yesterday’s livestream, we’ve brought you a clip from our first workout session courtesy of Marina Galperina. Pandas are total fitness freaks.

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