I Stayed at an Art Hotel

by Corinna Kirsch on November 6, 2013 The L Magazine

A few weeks back, Paddy and I went to Toronto. Here’s an excerpt of what happened:

Being an art critic means getting to travel sometimes; it’s a nice perk. While in Toronto a few weeks back for an art fair, I was put up at the Gladstone, an “art hotel.” All 37 rooms in the ornate, woody 19th-century hotel have been designed by local artists; these include the “Biker,” “Canadiana,” and “Teen Queen” rooms. There’re artworks lining the lobby, stairwells, and each of the hotel’s four floors; all are accessible to the public. Now, I like art and all, but it’s my job; after a long day of looking at art, I doubted that I’d want to cuddle up with it, too.

To read the full piece, click here.

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