The New Museum Relaunches Documentary Sources In Contemporary Art

by Corinna Kirsch on November 13, 2013 Newswire

Documentary Sources In Contemporary Art (Publication Series)

In 2014, the New Museum will gift the world with one book. Just one? Yes, but it should be an important one—the museum plans to revive their Documentary Sources In Contemporary Art series, an anthology found on the required reading lists of art students the world over. More than just a series of essays, this time around, the New Museum plans to hold an as-yet-unnamed public symposia related to the creation of these books.

The announcement came at the museum’s annual press breakfast, alongside the museum’s other public plans for the upcoming year (solo exhibitions by Chris Ofili, Rajnar Kjartansson, and Camille Henrot, among others, and a group exhibition about contemporary art in the Arab world). The museum’s education and public engagement department will spearhead the publication series and symposia.

Reviving the long dormant series appears to be part of the education department’s long-term goal to focus on “research and development,” as mentioned by Johanna Burton, the museum’s Keith Haring-endowed director of education and public engagement.

So how will the museum get people to write for them and when will they start?

The first of these non-degree granting seminars will begin sometime in the spring, we were told, with the first book related to the public events released by the end of the year. So far this is all we know.

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