Best Link Ever! Bubsy Goes to the James Turrell Retrospective

by Whitney Kimball on November 14, 2013 Best Link Ever!

Screenshot from "Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective"

We didn’t think the James Turrell retrospective was worth the long lines at the Guggenheim, and thanks to a tip from Wiley Wiggins, we’re pretty sure we’ve found a better way to experience the current show in LA: through a revived Sega Genesis game. (Make sure you run it on Firefox).

In honor of Bubsy the Cat’s 18th birthday, Arcane Kids have revived the character to explore the LA County Museum of Art, all the while collecting balls of light and wondering what he has in common with installation art. “Light defines form. But light also has form of its own,” Bubsy thinks. “Light has thingness.” Most of his fellow visitors seem to also be having their minds blown.

But, like any game, you’re bound to reach the of Turrell’s trail of gold coins. When that happens, prepare for what lies beyond a transcendental square of light: a world of disillusionment, and suffering.

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