Open Call: Make HTML Buttons for Fun and for Art

by The AFC Staff on March 18, 2014 Opportunities

boring buttonsWe see digital buttons all the time. Most of them are boring, like the ho-hum ones pictured above. But artists, designers, programmers—here’s an opportunity to show just how much better buttons can be. From the Northern-Southern gallery website:

Northern-Southern is now accepting submissions for fun, experimental, novel, psychedelic, tactile, humorous, and/or profound explorations of the HTML button. Throw semantics and user experience out the window. This is about fun and experimentation.

Remember digital pogs? This sounds like it could be a playful update on the digi-pod trend from the aughts.



If you’re interested in making an HTML button (it’s not so hard), hurry and sign up here for more details. Submissions will go on view for an exhibition, simply titled BUTTONS, at the Northern-Southern Gallery/Art Space in Austin, Texas on April 12th, 2014.

One big rule for submissions: No Flash buttons. You can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, webfonts, and sound, but no Flash.

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