Weekend Jams: Footage Island

by Corinna Kirsch on April 19, 2014 Weekend Jams

AFC’s finished for the week, but we thought ahead to bestow upon you some more content, our favorite video from this week’s blogging. Tune in every Saturday…

Footage Island is a YouTube channel devoted entirely to providing free video footage. It’s like Shutterstock, but mostly for computer-generated graphics. In this island where images roam freely, there’s hundreds of gaze-worthy images; from “space traveling in the speed of light” to “cartoon clouds on a green screen,” the clips are hypnotic, and often surreal. You can get lost in a minute-long video of shiny purple curtains flapping from an unknown wind or human bones falling in slow-motion. But we imagine these serve a greater purpose beyond zoning out at your laptop; you can make an art (or whatever you want) with them, too. Thank you, freedom!

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