Say, How Did That Lady Get Those Eggs in Her Vagina?

by Whitney Kimball on April 22, 2014 Art Fair

Milo Moiré creates "PlopEgg Paintings" at Art Cologne (Image courtesy of the Huffington Post)

Milo Moiré creates “PlopEgg Paintings” at Art Cologne (Image courtesy of the Huffington Post)

Today, Jonathan Jones declared that “Performance art is a joke”. Case in point: Milo Moiré’s “PlopEgg Paintings”, in which Moiré dropped paint-filled eggs from her vagina onto a sheet to create paintings at Art Cologne. How typical, performance art.

Anyway, we don’t have much to say about this work. We don’t really have questions for the artist. We don’t really wonder how a vagina works. We don’t really wonder how, if at all, this responds to our times. But we do know this: if we were there, we’d be snapping photos with the rest of the press scrum, who drown out world-class institutions—the Tate, the National Review of Live Art (NRLA) festival, the Live Art Development Agency, Whitechapel Gallery, and funders like the Arts Council England, and even cutting-edge theaters like Young Vic, whose professionals are the envy of cities worldwide—with the performance art equivalent of click bait. Because who cares about those guys when somebody is shooting eggs out of her vagina?

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