3D-Modeling Data of Vagina Gets Japanese Artist Arrested

by Andrew Wagner on July 15, 2014 Newswire


Megumi Igarashi’s “pussy boat.”

The next frontier of obscenity battles is upon us. Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested on Monday for sending a link to 3D-modeling data of her vagina—meaning, that with a 3D printer, anyone could make prints of her genitalia. According to the Japanese police, this constitutes obscenity.

Igarashi, who works under the pseudonym Rokudenaskiko (meaning Good-for-nothing girl), sent out the data in return for funds for her “pussy boat,” a kayak shaped like her vagina. Some of her other works turn her vagina into a landscape for dioramas. The goal, Igarashi says, is to make “pussy more casual and pop” in a country that renders vaginas a taboo topic.

Japan’s obscenity and pornography laws seem contradictory, to say the least. The country still allows manga and comics that depict children in sexual situations, but requires genitalia in porn to be partially censored. In response to the arrest, Igarashi has stated “I do not acknowledge that (the work) is an obscenity.” Curiously, while Igarashi’s vagina model was deemed obscene, we were able to find at least five vagina-shaped sex toys available for sale on various Japanese sex shop’s websites.




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While Igarashi’s story might sound a little ridiculous, it’s probably just the start of 3D-printed sexual organs. We already live in a world of Fleshlights and full-body rubber female suits, and apparently, several new websites have recently launched that are aimed at 3D-printed dildos. With 3D printers and scanners becoming more readily available, expect to hear more and more about intrepid techies 3D-printing penises and vaginas. Welcome to the future, people.

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