Casey Jane Ellison Touches the Art

by Henry Kaye on July 21, 2014 Best Link Ever!

Touching the Art is kind of like Borat meets Gallery Girls in the best possible way. In the parodic webseries, VFILES star and Dazed columnist Casey Jane Ellison interviews a panel of art world thinkers, all while wearing black lipstick and speaking through a healthy dose of vocal fry. In this first episode, you can watch people like New York Times art writer Jori Finkel, photographer Catherine Opie, and founder of ForYourArt Bettina Korek try to navigate Ellison’s character’s questions, which are genuine, blunt, and uninformed.

Some questions include “I always thought art was about truth and beauty, was I just being a dumb idiot?” and “Is art somehow better if the person who made it starred in Transformers?” In one particularly forthright moment, she engages her panelists in a “lightning” round, in which they can only answer her question in a few words. The question: “What. Is. Art.” After they each give their response, it appeared that Ellison had a cache of super trite answers in mind: “You’re all wrong, the correct answer is ‘Art is love.’ I would have also accepted ‘art is alive’ or ‘art is dead.’” Oh, also they talk about Matthew Barney birthing James Franco out of Andy Warhol’s vagina.

h/t Whitney Biennial and Molly Rhinestones

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