Movie Trailer or Ad? On Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie

by Corinna Kirsch on November 5, 2014 Blurb

Watch the trailer for Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie, and you’ll wonder if Cattelan is running for office. The trailer has all the over-the-top praise of a political ad stumping for a prospective Senator, so you know somebody wants to recruit you for Team Cattelan.

Of course there’s a simple answer to all this praise: According to artnet News, the film’s interviews come mostly from the artist’s friends and family (and collectors) talking about his work. In the trailer, you get to see Maurizio’s work selling for over a million dollars at auction. Rich people like his work. The likely target recruits for this ad, and Team Cattelan? Collectors.

As for some of the most glamorous of praise in the trailer, spoken by art-world notables like dealer Adam Lindemann and collector David Ganek:

“There are some things you can do. There are some things you can’t do. Maurizio is trying to push that as far as he can. We are all being challenged as far as you will go.”

“He’s purely conceptual. He’s just selling you an idea in a pretty raw form.”

“It’s almost a miracle,this idea that you would be able to float a dead Pinocchio in the Guggenheim or nail a woman to the wall. I mean, that’s inappropriate.”

“If you take Maurizio to the dance, be prepared for a crazy dance.”

I’ve never been to a crazy dance. Does Maurizio twerk? Does he spin you round and round to the ground? At a rave? No clue. But according to the trailer, he does ride a bicycle—what a normal guy.

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