Eminent Domain Names: Top 25 Expiring Artists on the Internet

by Corinna Kirsch on March 4, 2015 Blurb

25 artistsMost listicles (ugh, listicles) rank artists by the value of their artwork. Who’s hot? The top sellers. Artworks are not the only way to value artists, obviously.

On the other hand, there’s artist Guido Segni‘s “Top 25 Expiring Artists on the Internet,” a project that ranks artists by the date of their website expiration date—not by their auction output, or some combination of Instagram-hotness and inbound links, as does ArtRank. For those who’re truly interested in taking over net-art real estate, you’ll want to know that Harm van den Dorpel’s personal site expires in 25 days. Maybe take over Oliver Laric’s website, up for renewal in just over a month, so that you can run a parody account. Or heck, collect all the net artist sites. All of them.

Otherwise, just be aware that Guido Segni is a one-man surveillance operation. If you don’t want to be tracked, pay attention to when your domain will expire. Don’t divulge everything to Whois. Or just don’t be a public figure, although that’s pretty hard to do when you’re the type of artist who, for all intents and purposes, lives online.

h/t Dylan Schenker 

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