Speculate, Replicate, Eradicate: The 3D Additivist Manifesto

by Corinna Kirsch on March 20, 2015 Internet

The 3D Additivist Manifesto from Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke

This week the Internet gave birth to a new manifesto.”The 3D Addivist Manifesto,” a collaborative video-text between artists Morehshin Allahyari and writer Daniel Rourke, explains the tenets of the digital manifesto over a sleek background of a black-and-white printed planet. The voice of the narrator has a slow, creaky voice, a blend of human and machine:

Additivism can emancipate us.
Additivism will eradicate us.

We call for: Designs, blueprints and instructions for 3D printing:

    1. Tools of industrial espionage
    2. Tools for self-defense against armed assault
    3. Tools to disguise
    4. Tools to aid/disrupt surveillance
    5. Tools to raze/rebuild
    6. Objects beneficial in the promotion of protest, and unrest
    7. Objects for sealing and detaining
    8. Torture devices
    9. Instruments of chastity, and psychological derangement
    10. Sex machines

We want to encourage, interfere, and reverse-engineer the possibilities encoded into the censored, the invisible, and the radical notion of the 3D printer itself. To endow the printer with the faculties of plastic: condensing imagination within material reality. 

We call not for passive, dead technologies but rather for a gradual awakening of matter, the emergence, ultimately, of a new form of life. 

It’s about time, 2015. With every new machine-age, come manifestos to help us figure out how to relate to each other, as well as our machines. From the violent beauty of the Futurists to the menacing biotech in the “Cyborg Manifesto,” we’ve clamored for a way forward that isn’t tied town to the past. Savage poetry—rather than clarity—tends to be a manifesto’s strong suit.


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