May Day Protests Shut Down the Guggenheim

by Corinna Kirsch on May 1, 2015 Breaking!

What in the ever living fuck is happening at the #Guggenheim right now?

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As first reported on Hopes & Fears, art publications, and Instagram feeds everywhere, the Gulf Labor Coalition has temporarily closed down the Guggenheim. The group has hosted actions in the Guggenheim previously, all in order to protest the worker conditions at the museum’s forthcoming outpost in Abu Dhabi. We’ll update the post as we learn more throughout the day. Solidarity! [Update] 2:45 P.M. According to Benjamin Sutton at Hyperallergic, protesters remain inside the Guggenheim. They plan to stay until they are allowed a meeting with a Guggenheim trustee.   [Update] 6:40 P.M. Benjamin Sutton at Hyperallergic reports that the protesters have left the museum. The museum remained closed to the public for the rest of Friday. While the Guggenheim did not send any trustees to meet with the group, Creative Time did send 20 pizzas to the protesters.

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