Small Town in Germany Hides Dark Secret: Hitler’s Horses!

by Corinna Kirsch on May 20, 2015 Newswire

hitler horse

Like wild stallions bursting straight out of hell, Adolf Hitler’s long-lost horse sculptures have broken free from their prison chamber! After a yearlong investigation into art sales on the black market, authorities in Germany have recovered the two 6-foot by 33-foot bronze steeds from a warehouse in the sleepy town of Bad Dürkheim, population 18,790. Eight Germans between the ages of 64 and 79 are under investigation for stealing the steeds and other works of art, according to the Associated Press.

The horses were made by neoclassical artist Josef Thorak, one of the Third Reich’s official sculptors. Formerly, they flanked a grand staircase outside Hilter’s Berlin Chancellary, designed by architect Alfred Speer. The chancellary is no more—it was demolished by Soviet occupation forces following World War II—but at least we rescued those bronze horses from a warehouse. No word yet on where the horses will go now that their old home is gone. This tale is just beginning!

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