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by Rea McNamara on January 5, 2016 GIF of the Day


It’s amazing Cat Frazier is still going with AnimatedText. The Tumblr, which started back in 2012, has been accepting since that time 3D text GIF requests from the site’s 191,813 followers. Frazier, a graphic designer who cites Jeremy Bailey as an influence, has gotten press for the effort and scored collaborations with artists and brands. (At one point, Adrian Chen  called her “lol nothing matters” GIF the “GIF to end all GIFs”.)


It’s admirable she continues to hold it down, but I can see the appeal: you’re communing with non-artists as collaborators, realizing significant declarations in a so-called “guilty pleasure” format. “My followers’ role in contributing text requests is just as important as my role the creator,” explained Frazier in an interview with the Daily Dot.


Digging further into the GIF pile, you wonder how the Frazier’s GIFs may embody some sort of essence of the user who submitted the twirling phrase. The above, requested by nhlangel, seems to capture a color palette drawn from the reblogged transparent magnolias and Oh My Vlog! magazine covers.


This comes from vegangoddess. So sassy! Visit her Tumblr, and bask in the #fff7f9 #fff2f3 #ffedef #ffe8eb calm.

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