This Week’s Must See Events: Beach Blanket Bingo

by Rhett Jones on June 28, 2016 Events


It’s Fourth of July weekend! Or it will be at least. And that means all of the art events will peter out over the next few days. But before then, there are a ton of group shows opening up. We’ve pulled some of the most promising ones from every neighborhood in the city. We start with films by Lois Weber, a nearly forgotten female filmmaker from the dawn of Hollywood. The week will start closing out on Thursday when Zwirner let’s the lunatics run the asylum with a massive staff group show.

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Light Industry

155 Freeman St
Brooklyn, New York
7:30 PM - 9:30 PMWebsite

Two Films by Lois Weber

It’s difficult to imagine that almost 100 years ago Lois Weber was the highest paid filmmaker in Hollywood. It’s a title that has probably not been held by a female filmmaker since. But Weber’s reputation and visibility as an influential artist have been eclipsed by her male contemporaries over the last century. Light Industry will present two films by the pioneering director; a ten-minute short entitled Suspense and an 80-minute feature called The Blot. The latter film dramatizes the plight of underpaid professors, an issue that also hasn’t changed much today.


Hunter East Harlem Gallery

2180 Third Avenue
New York, New York
6 PM - 9 PMWebsite

Visions of Confinement

Hunter East Harlem Gallery will kick off a summer-long program focused on incarcerated women and the aftermaths of their confinement. The works on display will be “by artists who were formally incarcerated, experienced incarceration through their family members, or those who experienced incarceration through their communities.” The focus of the exhibition is “how women experience living in confined spaces, life after release, and family interactions,” and Hunter has ongoing ambitions for the project’s ability to instigate conversations. There will be a library of reading materials, a listening station, a lounge and a letter writing station.  

Denny Gallery

150 E Broadway
New York, New York
6 PM - 8 PMWebsite

The City & The City

Ooooh! A pop-up show hosted by Denny Gallery, a LES fixture with a brick and mortar location. The premise of this pop-up is simple: occupants of the cities that reside in the same location can be socialized into not seeing one another. Specifically, the gallery uses the Lower East Side’s variety of residents as an example. Given the artist list, we’re looking forward to see how that curatorial conceit will come together. Expect to see works by Trudy Benson, Erin O’Keefe and even though we’re a little tired of the never-ending election-Ghost of a Dream’s new Trump video piece.


David Zwirner

533 West 19th Street
New York, New York
6 PM - 8 PMWebsite

People Who Work Here

There are a lot of group shows in every neighborhood this week. For Thursday night in Chelsea, you will probably find something to like in this massive roundup of art by people who work at Zwirner. The big-time blue chip gallery has a lot of working artists and it almost always puts on a quality presentation. We’re looking forward to checking out what Clive Murphy has been up to. He blew us away at NADA last year with his “Inflatable Cardboard Box.” And viewers of Work of Art might be curious to see what Young Sun Han has progressed following his reality TV stardom.



56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, New York
7 PM - 11:30 PMWebsite

Summer Anagram

We recommend this group show based on the work of one artist—Cortney Andrews’ physically uncomfortable performance/video work. It’s a one night only pop-up show so you’ve only got one chance with this exhibition. Don’t miss it.

Reena Spaulings

165 E. Broadway
New York, New York
3 PM - 7 PMWebsite

The Highs of Everyday Life

Reena Spaulings doesn’t list any information about this show aside from its title and the four artists that are featured. But it’s a good gallery and we haven’t listed them in a while so check it out.



91-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
Far Rockaway, New York
6 PM - 9 PMWebsite

Babble On

It’s a holiday weekend and not much is happening. We’ve never been to Far Rockaway’s Topless Gallery and it’s a good time to hit the beach so we’re going to give this a shot. The planned installation by Nadia Belerique, Lili Huston-Herterich and Laurie Kang has been presented before at Toronto’s Power Plant gallery (seen above). The show’s description says that it will be altered and adjusted for Topless including the addition of a sound element.

Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Avenue
New York, New York
6 PMWebsite

Star Spangled To Death

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by hunkering down in a theater with a 6 1/2-hour, anti-capitalist screed? I saw Ken Jacob’s Star Spangled to Death over the course of a week a few years ago and it lived up to its reputation of being difficult and joyful all at once. Anthology is presenting it in two chunks, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. That may be a little bit of overload for some viewers but since this film isn’t shown that often it’s worth it. If all the little intertitles and disconnected found footage feel like too much to sort out, just sit back and enjoy its time capsule aspects and goofy humor.


Presented by PS1 at Fort Tilden

Gateway National Recreation Area
Fort Tilden, New York
12 PM - 6 PMWebsite


As in years prior PSI has given over the Fort Tilden grounds to an artist—this year Katharina Gross. Previously Janet Cardiff installed her now famous Forty-Part Motet in an abandoned church, and Patti Smith performed live. Gross, if the image above is any indication, will spray paint the fuck out of a house on a beach. We like paint and the beach, so we’re showing up.

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