Jillian McDonald Ditches a Rib, Gains Goth Opera Ticket

by Michael Anthony Farley on April 6, 2017 AFC Reports

Still from Jillian McDonald's "Hunger" video.

Still from Jillian McDonald’s “Hunger” video.

Last week, Paddy Johnson sent out an email promising free Goth Opera tickets to anyone with enough goth cred to have had a rib removed in the name of corsetry.

Much to our delight, artist Jillian McDonald took us up on the offer (she had a rib removed years ago). Thanks to this medical history, she’ll be at the party. Apart from McDonald’s rib-removal, her goth résumé includes plenty of spooky pop-horror-referencing video work and drawings like this one, below, which catalogues all the dead characters from Day of the Dead. 

"All the Dead in Day of the Dead" (detail).

“All the Dead in Day of the Dead” (detail).

We’re so excited to see what she wears! You what else we’re excited for? Joseph Keckler’s 3-octave vocal performance, drinks, and plenty of after-dark fun. Get your fishnets and black lipstick ready, people.

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