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The Best of Us, For the Rest of Us: Karen Archey

by Whitney Kimball on April 16, 2013
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By now, we have a fairly good handle on New York art stars, but we hear less about the people who love them. In two years of writing for AFC, I’ve owed my art-viewing as much to artists as I have to devoted curators, gallerists, and writers working diligently behind the scenes, knee-deep with the rest of us.

Who are these unsung heroes of the art world? I asked leaders of various emerging art communities for their recommendations, and gathered a series of interviews. Today, the Best of Us for the Rest of Us begins with critic and curator Karen Archey.

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Why Karen Archey is Wrong About Occupy Museums

by Will Brand on October 21, 2011
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In a piece yesterday, Karen Archey asked, “Why is Occupy Wall Street Protesting NYC Museums, and Not Super Rich Galleries and Art Fairs?” The post is aimed at Occupy Museums, the Occupy Wall Street Arts and Culture project that began protesting yesterday outside MoMA and the New Museum. Pretty rapidly, however, it descends into personal axe-grinding against Art Fag City. Here’s why she’s wrong.

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Karen Archey at MAP Magazine: Performance and Pedagogy: All Talk, Some Action

by Art Fag City on November 24, 2009

Anton Vidokle’s Night School Contributing Editor Karen Archey discusses the rise of performance and pedagogy in contemporary art practice in this month’s issue of MAP Magazine. The teaser below: Art historian Benjamin Buchloh’s 1980 dismissal of Joseph Beuys' work as 'simple-minded utopian drivel' may have some merit. Although his criticism was directed foremost at the […]

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Karen Archey at Art in America: The Full Yard: Changes at Hauser & Wirth

by Karen Archey on September 29, 2009

Allan Kaprow in his Environment “Yard,” 1967 Pasadena edition with participants. Photo copyright Julian Wasser, via AFC Associate Editor Karen Archey’s latest piece at Art in America Online discusses the opening of Hauser & Wirth’s first gallery in New York City. The teaser below. In 1992, principals Ursula Hauser and Manuela and Iwan Wirth […]

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Karen Archey at Art in America: The Dog Days of Summer

by Art Fag City on September 17, 2009

Henriette Ronner-Knip, A Bichon, 19th century, oil on canvas, Netherlands. From the online exhibition “The Bichon Frisé in Art,” assembled by Edward J. Shephard Jr. Art Fag City’s Associate Editor Karen Archey writes a feature for Art in America on the nebulously defined curatorial project space Art Since the Summer of ’69. The teaser below. Is […]

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Art Fag City at Map Magazine: Karen Archey Reviews The New Easy

by Art Fag City on August 17, 2009

Karen Archey reviews The New Easy at Artnews Projects in Berlin for the UK-based Map Magazine. The teaser below. How easy can you get? Curated by Dutch performance artist Lars Eijssen, The New Easy combines a zeitgeist-appropriate curatorial statement with a solid line-up of emerging artists. Claiming that all work in the exhibition appears to […]

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