Erik Johnson, A Supplementary Biography

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Erik Johnson, Image via: Poptower.


Erik Johnson’s art world cred is non-existent. He’s had no formal training and admits his work “has never been out of the house before this”. And maybe it should have stayed there. His film “Ghosts of Christmas Presents” premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2006, but that doesn’t matter much. We can’t find anything more about it other than the youtube clip. He may show considerable talent for someone who is un-schooled (judge Simon de Pury was impressed by his work during the audition, Art Fag City’s Paddy Johnson was not), but many of his paintings look like knock-off Francis Bacon’s, not surprisingly one of Erik’s heroes.

Erik Johnson, painting

Other than the “Ghosts of Christmas Presents” debut at Cannes, Erik’s highlights are fooling around on Facebook. His photoshopped series of Mark Walberg looking pissed makes him the next great dude of the art world. Another tour-de force is his album of masks including one piece entitled “A box of weird shit I made.” At least he’s to the point.

Who's Work of Art's resident douche-bag? According to the deep annals of Facebook, Erik Johnson fits the profile. With him you get beer, hot biker chicks, and some serious child hating. In the douche-baggiest of FB statuses he said: “I just witnessed a small boy tuning around like an asshole in boarders books. He will forever remember this as the day he fell down and hurt himself and a grown man casually walked over to him with zero emotion and said: “I’m glad you fell” Erik: 1 Stupid kid: 0.”  And it doesn’t stop there. He's got a detailed plan to terrorize this poor kid.

The Untrained Artist

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Sebastian April 12, 2012 at 6:09 pm

this guy is the most insecure agressive ahole ever, and besides that… he is the most boring cliche ignorant idiot ever…

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