In Our Masthead: Tara Gianinni


Tara Gianinni, Midnight Recollection, 2007, Taxidermied Beetles, spraypaint, latex, glitter, oil and acrylic paint on panel, 12 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches I featured Tara Gianinni’s art last year in the Emerging Artist Series, and have chosen to do so again in our masthead because I like her work so much.  She tells me her newer work is smaller and uses fewer taxidermied elements due to material necessity (and by necessity I mean her studio was plagued by rats.)  Such details may seem rather trivial to note, but I’ve always enjoyed learning about how mundane elements can transform studio practice and the shape of the work we are looking at. Tara Gianinni’s work can be seen in the featured artist section of this blog, and of course, christening the top of this post.

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