Kymia Nawabi, a Supplementary Biography

Kymia Nawabi, Image via Poptower

Camera-loving Kymia may be, well, just camera-loving Kimya.  We’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out, but her feathery figurative paintings, mostly of twisting female bodies, and her sugary-sweet sculptural characters seem to be all surface.


Kimya has been awarded several grants and residencies, including a Swing Space Grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, an Emerge Art Program reisdency, and a NYFA fellowship.  She's been included in multiple large, group exhibitions, the most notable of which was at Exit Art in 2008.

Screenshot from Kymia's Kickstarter page


She got an MFA from University of Florida in Painting and Drawing in 2006. She's also successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming stop-motion animation, which seems to have come to a halt as of November of last year.  At best, her work melds Shazia Sikander-style figures with fairy tale imagery in self-portrait illustration and animations that, frankly, look a little unfinished.

Kymia Nawabi, And Next, Next...Next..., acrylic, ink, and watercolor on paper, 24x24", 2009


An old artist statement highlights her battle with Social Anxiety Disorder as a pivotal issue. Her new artist's statement, similar to that of Jazz-minh Moore, contains phrases such as “through the lens of my own experiences” and “personifications of our human abject experiences.” Someone went to art school!


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