Michelle Matson, a Supplementary Biography

Michelle Matson, Image via Poptower

Michelle Matson is one of the few artists on Work of Art who can seriously make a claim to art world success. She’s shown in legitimate galleries with good reputations, she’s worked with well-known artists, and she has a substantial body of work already. She’s a clear favorite, but this is TV, so you knows how that goes.

Oh, and she got on the cover of the Voice for getting run over a few months ago. I guess that’s one way.


Matson has been around the block, which is to say Chelsea.  After earning her BFA from SVA in 2005, she's been included in group shows at Postmasters, Kravets Wehby Gallery, Stux Gallery, and Zach Feuer's Project Space.  She's worked for esteemed galleries such as Zach Feuer and Elizabeth Dee Gallery, and she's assisted artists the likes of Marilyn Minter and Josephine Meckseper.


All of the above.

Michelle Matson, The Idealist, archival paper sculpture and oil painting, 2010


Her work is mainly colored paper sculptures that kind of look like Muppet pinecones or lost Avenue Q characters; for instance, lifesize paper sculptures of puppet men shit brown paper chains over an open book in her installation “Reading Room.”  Other times, they are characatures against wallpaper backdrops, like “Employee of the Month,” “The Guilty Seaman,” or “The Idealist.”  There is an offbeat sense of PG adult humor which sets her apart from the rest, and the fact that she doesn't choose the most obvious art avenue speaks well of her ability to compete.  She also happens to be a skilled oil painter.


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Larryeyewash November 5, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Really hope she doesn’t win…seems to be an early favorite of Simon…er, Saltz.

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