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Bunny Rogers





Bunny Rogers was born in Houston, Texas in 1990. She is a Capricorn. Her family staged a Neopets intervention in 2001. She graduated from Parsons in 2012. Recent exhibitions include "Questions on Ice" at Generation Works (Tacoma, WA, USA) and "If I Die Young" at 319 Scholes (Brooklyn, NY, USA). "My Apologies Accepted" will be published as a full-length book of poetry in 2014 with Civil Coping Mechanisms.

Rogers contributes the packaging for the overall AFC drive. Her website of found and original digital ribbons make her an obvious fit for AFC Selects; the box is wrapped in a 1.5 inch white satin ribbon that has been printed with a graphic of Rogers’ choosing, while the drive contains one simple solid black digital ribbon. This is the first time Rogers has produced a physical ribbon in the two years that she’s been documenting the form.

Shadow Ribbon, GIF
from Bunny's Ribbon Pages, 2011, Web site

Rogers has also designed the packaging for AFC Selects
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NADA NY 2013