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Jubilant Mood Buoys EXPO Chicago

by Robin Dluzen on September 22, 2013
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Last year’s inaugural EXPO Chicago fair was generally characterized as being slow, but ultimately successful. The 2012 Vernissage, with a handful of exceptions, lacked the kind of frantic early purchasing that typically happens at the other big art fairs. By the end of that inaugural fair, there were many galleries happy with the sales that occurred over the course of the weekend and few grumblings from others, some of which had brought huge, expensive secondary market work that went unsold. This year feels markedly different.

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The Outsider Art Fair in Review

by Corinna Kirsch on February 6, 2013
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2013 was a good year for the Outsider Art Fair. The fair tripled its attendence, with crowds swelling to 9,500 visitors, up from 3,200 last year. Then, throughout the weekend, critics-of-note Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith glowingly praised the fair—several times I overheard conversations by dealers dropping soundbites from those articles. Finally, most importantly, work was selling, and selling quick.

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