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Outsider Art Fair to Open January 31st

by Sponsors on January 24, 2013
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Regular readers will know AFC has been interested in the Outsider Art Fair this year. Under Wide Open Arts, a new company formed by art dealer Andrew Edlin, the Outsider Art Fair has moved to Chelsea at the site of the former Dia Foundation and will provide dealers a gorgeous venue to showcase compelling and unusual artworks. AFC has a great deal for readers who want to check out the fair. Use the promo code “ afc” to reserve a complimentary 1-day ticket to the fair.

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The Outsider Art Fair Gets a Makeover

by Corinna Kirsch on January 16, 2013
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“It’s singular. It’s the only one,” Andrew Edlin told me about the Outsider Art Fair. Edlin’s been running the twenty-year-old art fair since his newly formed company Wide Open Arts purchased it back in August. It opens in the former Dia building, now Center 548, over the weekend of January 31st, and according to Edlin we’ll see some deep changes.

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