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GIF of the Day: Talk Show

by Michael Anthony Farley on May 28, 2015

A screen-capture of the interactive environment at

One of the little details that makes “Talk Show” so endearing.

The performance-centric art space BB created to promote their new interview program in Baltimore. From this month until August, the gallery space will host events where participants can be interviewed and tell stories in the format of a late-night talk show. The website is an interactive environment where different GIFs can be moved around a virtual representation of the gallery to assemble or disassemble a disheveled postmodern talk show set. It’s weirdly addictive. Maybe that’s a psychosomatic association with all those coffee cups? The project was recently funded by The Grit Fund, a juried grant administered through The Contemporary with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation.

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John Waters Wants You to Give to The Contemporary

by Corinna Kirsch on December 9, 2014
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“Hi, I’m John Waters and I love contemporary art because it causes trouble and makes people insane.”

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Open Engagement Comes to New York

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on March 26, 2014
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Art and social activism’s biggest conference lands in New York, specifically Queens.

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