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Palpable Momentum Felt at EXPO Chicago

by Robin Dluzen on September 21, 2014
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When EXPO Chicago started in 2012, the popular opinion was that President and Director Tony Karman had five years to make this fair great. If he couldn’t, it was likely dead in the water. This weekend marked year three of the midwest fair, and exhibitors and attendees remarked on the palpable momentum. 19 Chicago galleries participated, the highest number yet, and EXPO continued to draw galleries from around the world, including repeat exhibitors like New York’s CRG Gallery who has been on board all three years, and Diana Lowenstein Gallery of Miami, who has been exhibiting at Chicago fairs every year since the 90s.

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Atlanta Art Scene to Survive Recent Flurry of Gallery Closings

by Elliot Walters on May 22, 2013
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Is the Atlanta art scene shrinking? Not according to some, despite recent gallery closings.

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Anything Jerry Saltz Can Do AFC Can Do Better: 33 Outstanding Artists Emerging After 1999, Part Two of Three

by Paddy Johnson and Karen Archey on April 30, 2009

Kevin Bewersdorf, Babes, 2008. Observing a curatorial echo chamber privileging appropriation and conceptualism, art critic Jerry Saltz made his own list of artists engaging the plastic arts after 1999.  The writer selected nineteen women and fourteen men — thirty-three in total in keeping with the Younger Than Jesus triennial — none of whom have been in a Whitney […]

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IMG MGMT: Facebook

by Wendy White on August 11, 2008

[Editors note: IMG MGMT is an artist essay series highlighting the diversity of curatorial processes within the art making practice. Today’s invited artist, Wendy White, shows at Leo Koenig Inc. Her solo show at Koenig closed August 1st but you can still see her work in “Accident Blackspot” at Freight + Volume thru August 15th.] […]

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