Pretty Canadians Take the Cake

by Art Fag City on March 9, 2006 Events

Last night I attended Janet Cardiff’s book launch at Vitra with good friend Ron Hogan over at Galley Cat. While she was signing copies of The Walk Book, I met with the audio artist briefly, and by this I mean I asked if I could take her picture, blushed and immediately walked away hoping she wouldn’t notice. Yes, that’s right, I’m working around the clock here to offer you only the finest news coverage.

In case you are interested, T-B A21 offers a special artist limited edition of 100 that includes a signed book, photograph and CD player, which will probably be appealing to the two us left in the city who don’t own a ipod. I’d really like to see a sound artist release a book that comes with a portable USB Flash drive. Certainly this is something we’d all actually take out of the case and use.

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