The Armory Art Fair: Initial Thoughts

by Art Fag City on March 9, 2006 Events

I have to say it is astounding that an art fair which hosts 148 galleries for four days is put together by four people in a small office in Chelsea. I just can’t wrap my mind around how so few people could possibly get so much work done.

This thought occurred to me as I rode the elevator up with a guy delivering what appeared to be some rare breed of rain forest flower to one of the booths. If there was ever any doubt, this years fair certainly establishes itself as the slickest in New York. The carpet is plush, the walls are pristine, and all the art is made to look good on a wall. Which is to say that if you are looking for sculpture, you will be sorely disappointed. Perhaps someone will organize another “alternative” fair next year and dedicate it to the three dimensional object.

Upcoming: Photos and write up from the Armory fair Press Preview, and continual posts through out the weekend. Weeeeeee art fairs!

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