How To Tank Your Curatorial Reputation, Lesson One: Observe Chrissie Iles and Philippe Vergne

by Art Fag City on March 27, 2006 Events

According to one source, when Jesus “Bubu” Negron, learned that his original idea for the Biennial would not be executable, the subsequent conversation he had with the curators involved them offering suggestions as to what he could do instead. Ultimately he took none of them, but it’s stunning that they were offered in the first place. It is ridiculous that these words should need to be written at all, but to reitterate the thoughts of Todd Gibson, the role of the curator does not extend to the role of the artist. The Whitney Biennial does not run with the tag line, “Commissioned Projects conceived by Iles and Vergne.” It is possible however, that this is a more accurate title.

Edited 04-05-06

To read the response from the curators click here.

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