MOMA Film Festival Starts Yesterday

by Art Fag City on March 23, 2006 Events

The Reeler proves to be a good source of MOMA news, reporting on this years New Directors/New Films festival, which launched yesterday. I’d be discussing these things myself, but it appears the my constant spamming to get these guys to add me to their press list has had little effect. Certainly, I’m not the first blogger to have complained about their lack of responsiveness to those of use who work in this medium.

According to VanAirsdale, rumor has it this years honoree will be James Mangold. I suppose I will have to forgive the man for his masterpiece in cinema Girl Interrupted, since he is also the man responsible for Cop Land, and Walk the Line.

PS There is a photo to go with this post, but blogger is broken today, and won’t upload them.

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