The Art School Confidential Teaser

by Art Fag City on April 18, 2006 Events

As scant posting continues into the week here at AFC I had the misfortune of reading an article that discussed the detriments of infrequent posting to bloggers on the subway. So, in the hopes of keeping the five of you who are still reading around, let me just say that AFC isn’t going anywhere, and you can expect our full return by the end of the week.

In the meantime, as I mentioned previously, Makor sponsored a sneak preview of Art School Confidential and a discussion that followed with Daniel Clowes, Terry Zwigoff, and Max Minghella which I attended this past Sunday. If you hadn’t read up on Minghella’s bio, probably the biggest surprise of the evening would be that twenty year old actor is British. His American accent is flawless, which explains why what should be a boring subject came up at the two Art School Confidential events I attended this week. To his credit, Minghella brings about as much as one can to banal subject matter by explaining that he felt his talent wasn’t at all extraordinary, but rather a product of a generation (which apparently is defined by chameleon like behavior). It’s an interesting theory, though completely implausible. Having experienced him switch from a British to Texan accent at the drop of a hat during the talk, I think I speak for all other generations when I say it’s best we all see him as the freak of nature he really is. It’s one thing to put on a southern drawl, it quite another to be able to mimic an accent so well that it instaneously changes your identity.

In any case, look forward to Thursday’s post when I review the movie, and tell you about the question that got me laughed out of the theatre. Totally fun. In a “not really” kind of way.

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