The New Brooklyn is Everywhere, or at least in San Francisco

by Art Fag City on April 13, 2006 Events

While AFC typically doesn’t cover shows outside New York, we do consider Brooklyn exports within the scope of what we report. Open Network: Brooklyn, at Ampersand International Arts in San Francisco, is an exhibition of Brooklyn artists that starts with the premise that open networks (which basically means communication structures that have no controlling authority) create art making communities whose production is influenced by the fluid exchange of ideas. This is a concept I have had interest in for sometime, though the problems of demonstrating the nature of influence is more complex than one would think. I imagine somewhat unintentionally, for the thought put into this show is impressive, the exhibition shows the stopping point of open network influence – this being the market place. What is particularly interesting about the exhibition, is that it brings together a number of primarily sculptural works siting them as visible results of the Internet on art making, while this very medium appears to be all but dead in Chelsea. It’s funny how the market has a way of influencing artistic practice, even if lifestyle changes are pulling the artist in different directions.

I have my doubts about some of the work in the show, as the use of “modest” materials, and attention to surface is not enough in and of itself to make an engaging piece, but having not seen the exhibition these are admittedly only initial impressions and superficial at best. I leave the evaluation of such work to those who have the means to view it. I do have to note though that the Olen Hsu paper sculptures at least appear fantastic,(though speaking strikely of accoustics, I suspect they are not brilliant phonographs.)

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