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by Art Fag City on May 9, 2006 Events

AFC’s Top Ten List of Web Links For at Least the Month of May

Eric Fischl
Forever at the top of any AFC top ten web list.

Erin Bradley
Admittedly this writer is low on art content, but the woman coined the term “Ironic Herpes” while noting it’s inherent uncoolness. As such, she is duly paid credit for her innovation in the field of hipster slang.

A useful site for artists and arts administrators who are looking for work, or for those who simply want to speculate on who’s not treating their employees very well. There are a number of companies that place listings on that site about once every four to six months.

Autumn DeWilde
Great website design, great photos. I’m convinced she’s cool in real life, based on substantial evidence like, I like what she makes.

Church of the Subgenius
A dude centric artist collective that worships Bob Dobbs, the master of Slack and man of the pipe in his mouth. For a group that was best known in the 90’s before it slipped into relative obscurity, the site is updated with surprising frequency. There are a number of reasons for feminists to be upset with some of the content on this site – but I visit anyway because I like the majority of the work they make.

Clay Shirky

The site of a really smart guy who annoyingly hasn’t posted anything new on his site for close to two years. What’s great about Shirky is that he has the ability to talk about very technical subjects in language we can all understand.

Homestar Runner
It’s almost too easy to list these guys. A vast site of funness.

Participatory Culture Foundation
I knew it would only be a matter of time before I stopped watching TV because I could watch stuff on the net just as easily. The good folks at PCF have developed free software that means no searching for videos, no worrying about disk space, no waiting for movies to download and no squinting at microsized movies. Now I never have to leave my computer.

Miwa Yanagi
Actually not the best website in the world due to the fact that it’s broken. However, her Grandmothers series works perfectly on the site, and the parts of the site that do function semi properly show the or awesominity -if you will, of her work…apparently, I’m all about full write-ups today.

Listed because I use it every fucking day, it’s more accurate than Encyclopaedia Britannica, and more free. Some day I will “give back” to Wiki, and write a better entry for Cory Arcangel, and add one for Paper Rad.

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