Pose No Longer

by Art Fag City on May 30, 2006 Events

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This post is targeted specifically to the two New York film nerds in the city who don’t already read VanAirsdale, and the pseudo film nerds such as myself, who know only enough to understand that we should be reading his blog The Reeler. If you wish to make the jump from pseudo nerd to full fledged movie nerd city, you can attend his screening series which premieres tonight at the Pioneer Theatre. While there, you can watch Keane, the 2004 film classic (as much as that term can be applied to a movie that was made two years ago), eat pizza, drink beer, and discuss the importance of some-seminal-something-or-other with the director Lodge Kerrigan, and bloggers Stu VanAirsdale, Karina Longworth, and Lawrence Levi.

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