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by Art Fag City on May 30, 2006 Events

Occasionally due to the truly outstanding work of artists I am forced to cover events and people outside of New York. For example, this weekend I got a friend request on myspace from 2nd Cannons, a small artist publishing outfit too sweet not to mention. Among their many fine attributes, they seem to have found the magic bag of great titles, I have been looking for. What’s more – they have a slew of great book concepts. Observe:

Hello Victims: Ad Reinhardt

Brian Kennon

An extension of the much larger (and soon to be published) three volume Hello Victims book, Hello Victims: Ad Reinhardt presents Reinhardt’s black paintings within the context of the equally apocalyptic lenses of Motorhead, Nuclear War and Zombie films.

AFC Commentary: I can’t imagine a better pairing for good ol’ Ad, than Zombie films. After all this is the artist who wrote, “Fine Art has its own thought its own history and tradition, its own reason, its own discipline. It has its own reason “integrity” and not someone else’s “integration” with something else” Ah, artists torturing other artists. Even if the artist has been dead for forty odd years, it’s really the sentiment that counts, you know?

Black and White Reproductions of the Abstract Expressionists

Brian Kennon

The entire body work of by the Abstract Expressionists is reduced down into a canon of 13 paintings by 13 artists, then reduced even further by being reproduced in black and white (with the paintings true colors indexed neatly around the edges).

AFC Commentary: Don’t miss the color key provided within this book! It’s important we are all clear on what the colors would be if we were looking at a full color reproduction.
RELATED/UPDATE: See Bloggy for HOT zombies.

I Heart Darkness: Interviews by Natascha Snellman

Natascha Snellman Expected release date: winter 2006

A collection of casual interviews with fellow artists about their practices, habits, interests, and influences along with reproductions of recent work. Interviewees include: Ami Tallman, Sue De Beer, Sterling Ruby, Ashley Macomber, Gus Van Sant, Brian Kennon and Kevin Christy.

AFC Commentary: I really want to know if there is a keystroke to make the heart icon – let me tell you, this blog would take on a whole different look.

I’m not sure which book I’m going to buy, but rest assured I will be purchasing one. Consider this AFC’s first official endorsement, because I’m going to recommend you all do the same!

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