Launching Wednesday: The AFC Emerging Artist Summer Series

by Art Fag City on July 3, 2006 Events

I’m sure those who find themselves web surfing today are discovering it is a total waste of time. America blows out 230 candles tomorrow in celebration of her birthday/Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, which I guess requires a lot of saved breath to ensure the task can be adequately executed. Here at AFC, we are working hard to arrange that our production matches this week’s slacker status quo, so you can expect to see very little here until Wednesday. Like the rest of the country AFC will be taking Tuesday off in honor of America, though I should note that we took Saturday off too, in honor of Saturday, but also, in honor of Canada Day. Clearly both countries deserve to have beer drunk on their behalf.

When we return Wednesday, we do so with a splash, as it will mark the beginning of The AFC Emerging Artist Summer Series. What this means is that during the months of July and August, each Wednesday we will profile a young artist we think is deserving of attention. This particular series will focus on wall mounted work, and includes this partial list of participating artists: Rob Carter, Saul Chernick, Susan De Seyn, Tara Giannini, Danielle Mysliwiec, Charlotte Nicholson, and Anne Polashenski.

In addition to the jpegs and write-ups on the work that will be posted, I have also requested that a 100 word statement be provided by each artist. My rational for doing so is quite simple: If I am to call for the bar to be raised in artist writing, to incite change I need to also provide a working model. As such, all statements are edited, and do not get published before meeting print publication standards. It is my hope that in doing so we can eventually get to a point where we put an end to this artists can’t or shouldn’t write bullshit.

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