Who is Rob Krulak?

by Art Fag City on July 25, 2006 Events

I think we can say that between Tyler Green and CultureGrrl, the blogging world officially has museums more than covered. This sort of stuff isn’t the focus of AFC so we’ll be steering clear of the majority this sort of discussion, but occasionally we do feel the need to make a few observations. So if you are following the discussion about museum collecting, today CultureGrrl published Rob Krulak’s thoughts on the Met Museums curator Gary Tinterow’s collection management policies, none of which are all that positive. I’ll leave you to read the quoted material on CultureGrrl’s site, but I am sure some of you have asked yourself the same question I did, which is who the fuck is Rob Krulak? His opinions aren’t identified as reader comments, so we can assume that’s for a reason. And of course it is. Rob Krulak is the Senior Development Officer for Campaign and Institutional Gifts at the Brooklyn Museum…and that makes his comments a mite more political.

Update: Culturegrrl responds to this post here. Apparently the post was written without knowledge of his position, so please disregard any suggestions I have made to the contrary.

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