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by Art Fag City on September 27, 2006 Events

Well, no one can say that the art professionals aren’t hard at work, because there is certainly no lack of things to talk about. Over the next couple of days we will be focusing on a lot of upcoming events and current art news so we are a little more current around here. Below you will find news organized under the headings Past, Ongoing, and Future.


SVA’s Behind Beauty: A Panel Discussion (Thursday September 21). Due to the fact that the death of my camera’s batteries occured at the exact moment the lecture began, I ended up without a decent picture from last Thursday’s panel discussion at SVA on Beauty. Panelists Amy Wilson, Richmond Burton, Monica de la Torre, Crispin Sartwell, and moderator Raphael Rubinstein, discussed their work and ideas, all of them pretty much deciding by the end of the evening that is was a good thing to be skeptical of too much surface beauty in art. As a member of the audience you can either decide to be critical of the fact that everyone on the panel seemed to feel this way, or find it refreshing that the evening did not disintegrate into a brawl. In this case I landed on the latter side of things because I noticed that the panelists and the audience all seemed to have those “ah-ha” moments when listening to others speak. This sort of thing is a relatively rare to see so much of, so it really has to be commended when it happens.
Above right: Amy Wilson


Modern Art Notes has been citing a new response to the Jerry Saltz article for three days now. This is a strategic journalist technique to highlight stories that deserve more attention some legs, so it’s good to see some of the more prominent bloggers are working to promote the story.

53000s youtube blog: John Michael Boling is making more work than I thought humanly possible, and what’s more; a lot of it is really good. Most recently he has been proving himself to have an excellent curatorial instinct, as he started a youtube blog, that I “read” virtually every day, and his delicious account is amongst the best in my network. Of course, just because someone happens to look at interesting things on the internet doesn’t mean they are bound to be a good artist. You have to go to his website to know that.


Dieu Donne Papermill will be hosting a benefit auction Wednesday October 4. Dealer Edward Winkleman and Modern Art Obsession have mentioned the event over the past week, so if you read their blogs as well I suppose you can consider this a reminder. Incidently, the artist and SVA panelist mentioned earlier in this post, Amy Wilson has contributed a piece to the auction.

Art Fairs: The Armory is six months away, but that doesn’t mean the press offices aren’t already hard at work. While we’re at it why don’t we start the buzz machine for Christmas in July from now on. In any case, we are told that Pipilloti Rist has accepted the Armory’s 2007 artist commission. According to the press release this means she will define the image of the fair. Somehow I doubt this means she will be overseeing the installation of blue chip carpet, or determining which mega gallery will have the entrances spots at the show though, but those choices more than anything else define the face of that fair.

Art 212: Bloggy noted this week that there has been little coverage of this fair over the blogosphere and he’s right. The private preview is tonight, and you’ve got the rest of the week to see a bunch of stuff there that you can also see in Chelsea. For whatever reason I find it hard to get excited about fairs that happen in early fall.

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