The New Art Fag City Column on Art Film and Video at The Reeler

by Art Fag City on October 4, 2006 Events

New York City
film buffs in the audience will undoubtedly be aware that my good friend The Reeler relaunched an expanded website last Friday, and is poised to become the New York City movie news media empire we can all grow to be afraid of. As part of this effort, Art Fag City has been enlisted to contribute a regular column that offers insights on trends, titles, and filmmakers from the city's art film and video scene. Given my repeated chatter that fine art media could benefit from a little more integration within a broader arts culture, I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity. This week I discuss the movie 8-BIT at The Reeler, and Tom Moody will continue to host a conversation I began with him prior to writing the piece on his site. As usual, he already has some keen insights.

*If you visit The Reeler, and think to yourself, “wow I’ve never been on a site that works this well”, you should say something to the programmer responsible Barry Hoggard. I hear he now answers to the title “computer and art nerd extraordinaire”.

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