L.A. Blogger Fette Launches A New Gallery

by Art Fag City on October 5, 2006 Events

Art Fag City doesn’t report on events outside the city, but if we did, we’d probably discuss the fact that the best blogger in the LA area is opening a gallery. As of Saturday October 21th, Fette’s Flog will expand to become a full fledged gallery! I know you but you don’t know me is the gallery’s first exhibition and features artists Marie Blanchard, Melanie Bonajo, Brian Bress, Roya Falahi, Mehdi Hercberg, Hyun-Gyoung Kim, David Ostrowski, Körner Union, and Stuart White. I’m ashamed to say I live up to the New Yorker stereotype of not having a clue about anything that goes on outside the city limits, as I am not familiar with the work of any of these artists, but based on the excellent work the blogger regularly features on The Flog, I have no doubt the show will be a total success. Fette sent me a press release the other day, and I particularly liked the following.

This first show brings together ten artists whose explorations link to domestic settings. Each of them deal with our modern relationships toward mass-produced objects, the way we surround ourselves with ready-made principles, absurd and ironic order, and with the poetry that inspire us to create such intimate, violent, irrational and beautiful worlds.

So there you have it folks – this exhibition offers us sentimentality without cliché. Who knew that was possible?

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