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by Art Fag City on October 6, 2006 Events

At this point there are few who match the lack of awareness the guy infront of me at Best Buy today managed to exhibit when he asked a question that solicited the explanation; “Google is part of the Internet, so is Yahoo”. Of course, if you spend all day on line, you notice that events cycle through very quickly, making exhibitions that have been listed on two different sites look about as old news as the existence of Google. But what is the Internet if it is not contagious media? (Editors note: Introduction edited for clarity)

Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied Online Newspapers (Dajiyuan), 2004
On and Off
Bryce Wolkowitz
601 West 26th Street, Suite 1240
October 6 – December 2, 2006

Caitlin Jones has retired her curatorial research position at the Guggenheim and is now working for Bryce Wolkowitz gallery as their director of programming. Jones, who just last year wrote an article for NYFA Current by the same title, (not withstanding the semi colon), has now curated a show that follows the basic tenets of that article. Further underscoring those thoughts, the exhibition works from the premise that Internet art that moves off the net and into the gallery often becomes art about the Internet. This is a show worth paying a lot of attention to because it is a curatorial effort that brings together work that is based on a particular way of thinking about net art in the gallery system, as opposed to previous efforts made by commercial galleries, that have merely identified interest in the net as something that could have economic pay offs.

Image via ArtCal

Dangling Between the Real Thing and The Sign in the Window
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
Williamsburg / Greenpoint
38 Marcy Avenue
October 13 – November 13, 2006
Opening: Friday, October 13, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Barry Hoggard of Bloggy, ArtCal and ArtCat, and James Wagner of are curating a show of artists who are emerging in the truest sense of the word: You probably haven’t heard of these artists, (Joy Garnett not included.) Normally this has “summer show” written all over it, but Barry and James see so much work and their recommends on ArtCal are so consistently good, that the exhibition is bound to be something much more significant. Event details here.

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