The New York Underground Film Festival’s Tube Time: Round II

by Art Fag City on March 20, 2008 Events

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The Whistles go Woo Woo!

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And the remix!

Last year I spent countless hours posting obscure(ish) youtube videos suitable for the New York Underground Film Festival’s tubetime — a competition that pits Internet professional’s found web videos against one another — only to be eliminated in the first round when I stupidly to use a movie with 10 MILLION VIEWS as my choice of weaponry. Well, not this time around. The NYUFF has given me a second chance at the glory, which means I’ll be using ubu web exclusively from to source my videos. Joking aside, we take this competition very seriously, particularly in light of the fact that the New York Underground Film Festival has announced this will be its final year. The competition will take place Saturday April 5th, but I encourage everyone to check out the festival’s schedule and attend a few screenings.

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