Postmasters Wins Award For Best Press Release of the Month

by Art Fag City on March 20, 2008 · 1 comment Events


Postmasters delivers my favorite press release of the month, beginning benignly enough with a standard format sheet listing show details, and describing the baroque Internet based collages of Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, [editors warning: this link will do annoying things to your browser]  A snippet of the ordinary below,

Born in Hong Kong and now living in New York Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung creates explosive political spectacles in a form of dense, psychedelically flavored video animations, sculptures and digital collages…

This is followed by a description of a portion of the final scene in one of the artist’s videos, which features a man masturbating with a ballet box covering his cock, his head wrapped in an American flag, and his hand on a tv remote control shaped like a gun.  When the man reaches his climax he turns the screen in to a Washington Monument that explodes red white and blue from it’s tip.  The end, (or so says the press release).  Press clips and recent exhibitions are then noted, before closing with this final jewel;

Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung’s work is not about “lessness”.

An understatement to say the least, and most amusing opposition to the Whitney Biennial’s “unofficial theme” I’ve read to date.

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