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by Art Fag City on April 7, 2008 · 1 comment Events

Kristi Kent, Taj, 2003, paint, birch plywood, monofilament, 17 inches x 23 inches x 23 inches.

It may have been around 2003 when wall mounted light boxes were a little more popular, and frankly, I’m sad to see so much of that replaced with scrappy art. Kristi Kent’s work from the installtion Excerpts from the Habitat Series represent some of the more compelling examples of work made in this form, so for the next two weeks they will be gracing our masthead. In her later work, Kent exchanges sculptural forms for color, and black and white sci-fi-esque drawings creating a Phillip Guston meets robot Frankenstein type series. The work skirts the cliche, which unlike so many others, only tends to make her art more engaging.

Kristi Kent Biography
Kristi Kent is an artist based in Brooklyn. In her a search for a B.A., she attended Florida State University, University of Arkansas, (at both Little Rock and BeeBe), University of Minnesota, SCI-ARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture) and Otis College of Art and Design. In 2005, she received her MFA from Yale School of Art and was awarded the Barry Schactman Prize for Painting. Her exhibitions include: Carl Berg Gallery, Korean Cultural Center (LA), Santa Monica Museum of Art, Kaus Australis and Art Affairs in the Netherlands. Most recently, her work was shown at Jail Gallery in Los Angeles.

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