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Heather Rasley, Block Me, screencapture AFC

I suspect I have at least a few readers who won’t be sold on Heather Rasley’s webpage multiplying the above [resized] screen capture, but I think it’s hilarious. For one, there are no links on the page, so HeatherRasley is the block herself, but additionally, any replication of that weird duck has to be a good idea. I don’t understand if its expression is fearful-sad or simply cute, and I don’t know why it’s an ecofriendly green, but whatever. It’s perfect.

Some forms, another web page by Rasley with something of a Miranda July feel to it, consists of a multiple choice in which a drop down menu allows the user to view fragments of the sentence I thought, that, I, was, in love with, you. Following this, a viewer can also only check either; but i, and i, which precedes another choice, was wrong, was right. In this case, the confusion expressed in the sentiment reiterates itself in the visual aesthetics of the page. At no point can a viewer read the whole sentence, and at the choices while fixed can indefinitely be changed. Additionally, unlike traditional questionaires and fill in the blanks, designed to give a result, Rasley offers no findings past your own experience.

Other favorite Heather Rasley projects include this politically minded animated gif and two particularly funny collaborations with Zac Davis; a response to net artist Borna Sammack’s statement that he prides himself in having the worst website on the internet first published on Rhizome , and Special Moments, a small sampling of the hundreds of screenshots the artist has taken over the past six months. According to Rasley, ubernerds checking out the PHP, will find the following;

#my name is heather rasley, and i’m online a lot.
#these are special moments, loosely defined.
#zac davis wrote this code to help me show them to you

Let me be the first to attest to the fact that Heather E. Rasley is indeed online a lot; I found her work due to her exceptionally active twitter feed. Though she doesn’t post daily, I also like her blog a lot. Ironically however, it was through her website that I learned she is for hire. I haven’t met Rasley, but I recommend her for anything web related based on the fact that I like her art, and she’s reliably online.

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