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by Art Fag City on June 16, 2008 Events

Noah Fischer
Noah Fischer, Pop Ark, 2008. Installation detail.

Noah Fischer consistently exhibits the rare ability to put together visually moving, scripted, light and music performance pieces while maintaining a clear political message. The artist doesn’t shy away from didactic material when necessary, but unlike so much work that takes on those strategy’s Fischer doesn’t compromise the piece by presenting a simplistic representation of the issues. Now in our masthead, Fischer’s Pop Ark, a performance piece currently traveling Europe, is in the artist’s words, “part slide show, rhetorical seduction, and film, but also machine, and commune.” It asks questions about post-Global Warming life; “Is it possible to find happiness when Polar Bears have been found drowned in the open ocean far from the Arctic searching for a piece of ice to rest on? Can we learn to love and trust the sun once again after too much heat?” You may have to travel to Europe to find out. Pop Ark was conceived by Noah Fischer with the collaborative support of Prem Makeig and Gregoire Paultre as well as Ronnie Bass.
Pop Ark Installation shots

Noah Fischer, Pop Ark, 2008. Installation detail.

Noah Fischer, Pop Ark, 2008. Installation detail.

Noah Fischer, Pop Ark, 2008. Installation detail.

Noah Fischer, Pop Ark, 2008. Installation detail.

Those who miss Fischer’s work in Europe will be pleased to hear about the artist’s upcoming show Moniter this October at Claire Oliver gallery which is comprised of computer and TV monitors sculptures- specifically looking at the last 30 years of design.

Noah Fischer Biography

Noah Fischer is a Brooklyn-based sculptor originally from the San Francisco Bay area. The artist primarily experiments with lo-tec lighting effects, which has lead to a unique body of photographs as well as sculptural light shows that remix narrative elements from TV, movies, theater, and the internet. After attending Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 1999) and Columbia University (MFA 2004), Fischer received a Fulbright to the Netherlands where he began an ongoing collaboration with the theatre group andcompany&Co (now based in Berlin) as set designer and performer. Together they have produced three performances to date including the currently touring Time Republic which premiered at the Steirischer Herbst festival in Austria in September 2007. Noah Fischer’s first solo show, Rhetoric Machine, opened at the Oliver Kamm 5BE Gallery in New York in November 2006, and his next exhibition, Monitor, will open at the Claire Oliver Gallery in October 2008.

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